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Brain injuries vary greatly after a car wreck

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2021 | Personal Injury

People who are involved in a motor vehicle wreck are at risk of many injuries, including those to the brain. When the brain is damaged in a crash, there’s a chance that the person will recover quickly, but it’s also possible that the effects will be permanent.

One thing that’s problematic about brain injuries is that the onset of symptoms is sometimes delayed. This means you may not realize you have any issues until days or even weeks after the crash. Vigilance is the key after a crash so you can get the care you need if you start to notice signs of a brain injury.

What are some symptoms of a brain injury?

There are many signs that indicate a brain injury. It’s possible to have all or some of these. You may even mistake some of these for other things.

  •       Headaches that don’t get better
  •       Drowsiness, fatigue, or trouble sleeping
  •       Vomiting or nausea
  •       Changes in smell, taste, sight or hearing
  •       Ringing in the ears
  •       Trouble with communication
  •       Loss of consciousness
  •       Problems with concentration
  •       Difficulties with memory
  •       Sensitivity to sounds and light

People who are injured in a car crash should ensure they get medical care to treat the injuries they suffered. This might be costly so they may choose to seek compensation to help cover those expenses. Missed wages, medical bills, and similar financial damages are all things you can include in your claim. Other forms of compensation might also be possible, so working with someone who’s familiar with these cases is important since they can help to maximize your case.