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Finding Effective Solutions For Estate And Trust Disputes

The loss of a loved one is a difficult and emotional time. Legal disputes over inheritance can make this time even more challenging. If you are struggling with a legal matter that is tied to a will, estate or trust, you do not need to face this situation alone.

In Sioux Falls, the attorneys at HPS Law Firm can assist you. Our attorneys have helped countless estate representatives, beneficiaries, heirs and other parties find solutions to contentious estate and trust problems. Whether you are pursuing legal action or defending against a lawsuit, we will zealously advocate for you.

Handling Your Legal Concerns With Skill And Discretion

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for emotions to run high when family members and other parties learn about the terms of a will or a trust. Individuals may challenge provisions, alleging fraud or other forms of deception. Engaging in legal action can be a lengthy, costly and stressful undertaking.

As our client, you can rely on our attorneys to move quickly to address issues before they escalate and become even more difficult to resolve. Our attorneys are well-versed in South Dakota’s estate and trust laws. They use this knowledge to assess your situation and identify the most effective path forward.

We offer skilled counsel to clients involved in conflicts related to:

  • Fiduciary misconduct
  • Trust fraud
  • Removal of a trustee
  • Beneficiary disputes
  • Forgery
  • Improper executions
  • Undue influence

Our attorneys are mindful of the harmful impact that these types of conflicts have on your relationships and your finances. As your advocate, we will use our legal insight to seek out a practical and discreet approach that allows you to conclude proceedings promptly and move on.

We will pursue private negotiations when parties are open to problem-solving without courtroom intervention. We will not hesitate to assert your rights in court, however. Throughout the state, our trial lawyers are known for building compelling arguments that resonate with judges and get results.

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