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Skilled Representation For Civil And Criminal Appeals

The legal process does not end with a civil or criminal trial. If you are unsatisfied with the outcome of your case, a successful appeal may help you receive the justice you deserve.

Appellate courts follow different procedures than do trial courts, which makes it critical to work with attorneys who have the requisite experience to handle these matters. At HPS Law Firm, our attorneys are intimately familiar with appellate proceedings and have secured favorable results for clients throughout South Dakota.

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Grounds For Appealing A Decision Or Conviction

Although appealing an outcome may appear to be the obvious next step in your legal journey, not all trial verdicts meet the qualifications for another review. Appellate judges set the bar high for cases they will hear in court. Individuals requesting an appeal must submit a legal brief that contains a compelling and well-written argument that justifies overturning a case.

Our attorneys know how to prepare and present briefs that resonate with judges. As your advocate, we will tailor our line of reasoning according to your specific circumstances. You may have grounds for an appeal if:

  • Your lawyer made a mistake during your trial.
  • Your judge did not interpret the law correctly when ruling on your case.
  • Evidence that was presented in court was ignored or overlooked.

Our attorneys are recognized as “the lawyers’ lawyers.” A high volume of our cases is referred by other attorneys who recognize that we have the skillset and the dedication to take on challenging legal matters. We have compiled an impressive record of success for our clients because we know the law; we are passionate advocates; and we are strategic problem-solvers.

If we determine that an appeal is the next step that you should take in your legal journey, we will help you navigate this process and aggressively pursue your interests.

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