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Standing Up For Insureds’ Rights

As a responsible policyholder, you pay your insurance premiums on time and in full. It’s only natural for you to expect that your insurance provider will do the same after an accident. Unfortunately, it’s all too common that insurance providers give their policyholders the run-around rather than the payout that they deserve.

At HPS Law Firm, we believe that insurance companies should fulfill their obligations to their policyholders. Our attorneys are committed to helping South Dakotans stand up for their rights in bad faith claims. If you believe that your insurance provider acted unlawfully when denying your claim, contact us. We want to help you get fair compensation.

Signs That Your Provider Acted In Bad Faith

Insurance providers are in business to make money, not provide excessive payouts to policyholders. Sometimes, they have grounds to reject a claim. In other situations, the policyholder is entitled to receive a payout to cover medical expenses, property damage bills and other expenses related to an accident.

When insurance providers put profit over policy obligations, they can be sued for acting in bad faith. You may have the standing to take action if your provider:

  • Rejects your claim without investigating the accident
  • Provides no reason for rejecting your claim
  • Offers an unreasonably low payout
  • Does not respond to your questions or requests in a timely manner
  • Refuses to negotiate after you reject their first offer

Our attorneys have extensive experience with local and nationally recognized insurance providers. We know the tactics that these businesses use to deceive policyholders into accepting low payouts. We also know how to counter these strategies.

We are skilled negotiators and aggressive trial lawyers. We will not back down from a challenge, whether you need assistance with a claim involving a car accident, property damage, a work-related injury or another matter. Get a proven, committed legal ally in your corner when you file a bad faith claim in South Dakota.

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