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Resolving Disputes That Threaten Your Business’s Bottom Line And Viability

A well-crafted contract or business plan can help you protect your interests as you develop your enterprise. Unfortunately, even the most detailed agreements or strategies may not prevent conflicts from erupting. When disputes arise, your plan of action should involve a knowledgeable business litigation attorney.

HPS Law Firm is one of the top litigation firms in South Dakota. Our trial lawyers represent industry-leading business owners throughout the state and are known for their ability to win difficult cases. When you entrust us with your legal matter, we will act swiftly to contain the conflict, protecting your bottom line and your business’s viability.

The Benefits Of Working With A Lawyer’s Lawyer

Our firm’s focus is on litigation. Other attorneys know this, and they feel confident referring complex cases to us. Each of our attorneys is a “lawyer’s lawyer,” capable of getting to the heart of complicated legal matters and resolving issues expediently.

Whether you need assistance filing a lawsuit or defending against one, we are ready to advocate for your interests. Business owners and corporations rely on us to represent them in a broad range of matters that include:

  • Tax disputes
  • Defending against product liability claims, antitrust actions and class action lawsuits
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Business torts
  • Fraud and misrepresentation claims
  • Employment and labor disputes

Protecting your business and your rights is vital in today’s global economy. We offer comprehensive legal representation and guidance that will help you address your concerns and move on to other commercial endeavors.

Take The First Step Toward Resolving Your Issue Today

Contact our Sioux Falls firm to begin your conversation with a skilled business litigation attorney. We offer initial consultations because we want to give you the information that you need to make smart choices about your legal matter.

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