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3 signs of a drunk driver

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2022 | Personal Injury

The roads are dangerous enough even when every driver is sober. The sheer number of people driving means there is always someone close to you that could make a catastrophic mistake.

When drivers drink alcohol, their capacity for doing something that leads to a collision increases.

While police officers make considerable efforts to keep drunk drivers off the streets, many escape their attention.

Why is it important to understand what drunk driving looks like?

If you know some of the classic warning signs of a drunk driver, it can help you take avoiding action before they crash into you. Here are three signs to look out for:

  1. Slow to move away at the lights: Alcohol slows how fast the brain processes information and slow reactions. So when a light turns green, an impaired driver may take longer than the rest of the traffic to pull away.
  2. Unable to maintain a straight line: Have you ever watched a drunk person make their way out of the bar. Chances are they did not reach the exit by the shortest route but meandered, perhaps bumping off a few chairs or tables along the way. They will have a similar problem if they then drive home.
  3. Crawling along in the inside lane: Driving becomes more challenging for someone who knows they have had one too many to drink. They may choose to avoid risks by slowing down and sticking to the slow lane to avoid having to make the maneuvers other lanes require.

If you spot someone driving in one of these ways, give them extra room to reduce the chance they can injure you. Or, if you do not spot them and are hurt in a crash with an impaired driver, find out more about your legal options.