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Could a slip-and-fall actually lead to major injuries?

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2022 | Personal Injury

It is easy for people to dismiss a slip-and-fall incident as minor, even though someone falling can have major medical consequences. The average slip-and-fall doesn’t create much more than bruises, but worse injuries are absolutely possible.

Understanding that you may have a significant injury could help motivate you to communicate with the property owner and take the right steps to protect yourself after a slip-and-fall at a restaurant or the local book shop.

What kinds of injuries are possible?

According to nationwide statistics, more than a million people require emergency medical care each year because of a slip-and-fall. Many of these people will have broken bones. Fractures are a bigger risk once somebody reaches the age of 65, although anyone who falls unexpectedly could break an arm or other bone.

Traumatic brain injuries are also a concern. If someone doesn’t slow their fall on the way down, they could hit their head on the floor or on nearby furniture, causing severe injuries with potentially permanent consequences.

What protects you?

Most property owners and businesses carry insurance to protect them against premises liability claims. If they are negligent or failed to meet legal standards, anyone hurt at the facility could take legal action against the company. Their insurance policy might pay for someone’s losses, or the case might wind up in civil court.

Premises liability claims can compensate people for medical expenses, property damage and even lost income suffered because of a fall. Knowing your rights and how to protect yourself after a slip-and-fall will help you defray the potentially serious costs involved with a head injury or a broken bone.