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How do you pay for injuries caused by defective products?

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2022 | Personal Injury

When you pay money to purchase an item at the store or to order a new product online, you expect that the item does what the manufacturer claims. You likely expect it to stand up to regular wear and tear and to be relatively safe to use, at least provided that you follow the instructions.

Unfortunately, sometimes manufacturers release products that they have not thoroughly tested. There may be defects that only become evident when consumers start using those products. Other times, the design may be sound, but the manufacturer receives poor-quality materials or defective components that cause issues with the overall product safety. Bad components can lead to catastrophic failure and issues ranging from house fires to car crashes.

How will you pay for property damage expenses or injury costs after an issue caused by a defective product?

Your insurance could be a short-term solution

You may be able to file a car insurance claim after a crash or a homeowner’s insurance claim after a product with bad wiring causes a fire in your home. However, your insurance providers will likely investigate and subrogate the claim, meaning they will take action against a different insurance policy.

You may have the right to bring the claim against the same party that your insurance provider would hold accountable. Typically, the manufacturer of the products could be held liable for releasing a dangerously-design product or a poorly-manufactured item. Proper testing and quality control would prevent defective items from reaching the market and endangering consumers, but many companies cut corners when it comes to public safety.

When you bring a financial claim against the business, you may prompt them to make some changes that could benefit other consumers in the future. You can also avoid increases to your insurance policies because of an issue that was truly someone else’s fault. In some cases, you may receive an insurance payout, as many manufacturers have product liability coverage. Other times, you may need to pursue legal action against the manufacturer in civil court.

Understanding why using your own insurance to resolve the consequences of a defective product failing or malfunctioning can limit the losses you suffer because of a business’s cost-cutting measures.