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Partner Pete Heidepriem Wins Civil Rights Appeal in Federal Court

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2023 | Firm News

Last week, a federal court of appeals unanimously ruled in favor of HPS Law Firm’s client in a civil rights case. The case involves a traffic stop on I-90 where our client asserted he was pulled over by a highway patrol trooper without probable cause.

The federal trial court said the case needed to go to a jury trial on that issue. The trooper appealed, saying he was immune from the lawsuit. Partner Pete Heidepriem wrote the appeal briefs and argued the case to the federal appeals court. All judges on the court agreed with Pete and ruled that there must be a jury trial.

At HPS, we are proud to fight for people’s civil rights. We vigorously defend people’s right to their day in court at the trial and appellate levels, and we have a record of success in both arenas.

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