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A Tenacious Team Of Sioux Falls Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Riding a motorcycle can give you a sense of freedom. For many people, there are few better things than feeling the wind in your hair and hearing your engine roar while gliding down the open road. But things can go wrong, and you, as a motorcyclist, are vulnerable if (and when) they do.

That’s why you should hire a motorcycle accident attorney at Heidepriem, Purtell, Siegel & Hinrichs, LLP. From our Sioux Falls office, we represent clients injured in motorcycle crashes in Minnehaha County across the state of South Dakota. We are tenacious and have experience getting justice for people just like you.

What Are The Causes Of South Dakota Motorcycle Crashes?

Motorcyclists account for nearly 20% of all motor vehicle fatalities in South Dakota, and the majority of those involved in fatal crashes are from other states. Whether you are a local or a visitor, you can protect yourself by knowing how these collisions occur. Motorcycle crashes are often caused by:

  • Drivers failing to see motorcyclists
  • Drivers making left-handed turns
  • Drivers refusing to share the road
  • Drivers stopping suddenly

Despite these causes, motorcyclists are often faulted for their injuries and may need help changing the narrative. A Sioux Falls motorcycle accident attorney can provide you with the advocacy you need regardless of how you got hurt. With a personal injury lawyer, you have the help to gather important evidence. They will advocate for your interests against insurance companies that don’t have your rights in mind.

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Recovering from your motorcycle accident injuries is hard, and fighting for fair compensation makes the process even harder. You deserve to focus on your health, so call us and we’ll take care of the rest. We offer risk-free consultations with no obligation. You can reach us by phone in Sioux Falls at 605-252-9277 or through our online contact form.