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South Dakota Car Accident Frequently Asked Questions

At Heidepriem, Purtell, Siegel & Hinrichs, LLP, we offer experienced legal guidance for injury victims, and a big part of that is quickly answering important questions they may have, such as:

What should I do immediately after being involved in a car accident in Sioux Falls?

Contact the authorities to seek medical attention for anyone who has been injured. Take pictures of the crash scene and the damage, as well as identifying information. Exchange insurance information with the other driver, but do not discuss the accident or admit liability.

What types of compensation can I seek if I’ve been injured in a Sioux Falls car accident?

Compensation often starts with medical bills and lost wages. You may also deserve compensation for lost earning capacity, long-term medical costs (like rehabilitation), pain and suffering and more.

What if the other driver involved in the accident doesn’t have insurance?

Your uninsured motorist policy can help cover costs if the other driver does not have insurance. You can also sue that driver to collect.

How is fault determined in a South Dakota car accident?

Determination of liability is a unique process in South Dakota. Injured parties are only able to receive compensation for their losses if they are wholly without fault for the accident or their share of the fault is considered “slight” (30% or under). Anybody with “gross” responsibility (more than 30%) for a wreck is barred from recovery. This is an area where it helps to have an experienced Sioux Falls auto accident lawyer.

Should I talk to the insurance company or give a statement after my car accident?

You can’t be forced to give a statement to the other insurance company, and it is wisest not to do so. It is too easy to say something that can be used to infer gross responsibility for a wreck. A Sioux Falls auto accident lawyer can safely handle those communications on your behalf.

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